Topic this week is on Evangelism. When I first heard that is the topic, I was not really interested? In a sense that it is something that I don’t look forward to and the word for this I would use is … SIAN.

When we first did our first street evangelism, someone said this “a word of encouragement before we go out to the streets… we are all a testimony of evangelism of any sort”. I was like… yeahhhh that’s right and so I should not short change someone from that opportunity. I am not sure if I mentioned this in my blog but… I shall repeat it. We started out with worship at the centre of the city and went on in pairs to pray for someone or to share the gospel. I have not done it before and have always thought of it as a treasure hunt. I kept my mind fixed on okayyyy God will use my gifts and if it is sign language, I want God to bring me someone who can sign ASL or SEE so I can share the gospel through that. However, I kept God in a box. The whole time, He did not bring anybody to us. In fact, we approached 2 ladies, both rejected our prayer for them. I also felt the Lord comforting me and bringing me to remember what I saw in my vision back during Burning Hearts conference. – I walked down a lane and was ready to preach the Gospel but everybody slammed their doors and did not want to hear it. The people are not rejecting me. They are rejecting Jesus.

This time during application Friday, we went out to the streets for a longer period of time. This time, I did not fear as much to talk to ‘strangers’. In fact, I started out many conversations with random people… in the queue for coffee, when a lady took out her book to read, while walking past a college. This time, God also used me to speak CHINESE and attempt to PRAY for the lady. Although I am secretly (not so) happy that I did not have to pray because I would not know how to pray in Chinese, I pray for opportunity for God to speak life and hope into this person (:

I just felt this empowerment to speak out where I am from (YWAM) and what I am doing (justice ministry to stand up for trafficking). Although it was not a full on SHARING OF GOSPEL or INVITING SOMEONE to Christ, I felt it was a stepping stone to have conversations and even bring light to others that we took 6 months away from our home country to serve our King Jesus.

What was God saying or doing to me during application Friday? – COURAGE-.



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