I love to look forward to Monday worships! This Monday’s worship, I saw myself playing catch or whatever… I was just running and having FUN, I was not running out of fear. I was GIGGLING. Then I hid behind a white cloth which I then realized it is God’s SLEEVE. It was a random but hilariously sweet scene in my head. I am really running into His arms, good times or bad. His protection is constant, His presence is constant, He is constant. I love how God is so relational and He wants a relationship with us to prepare us for battle.

Next up to rejoice on… exercise was cancelled due to the rain! Woooohoooo! I really don’t like exercising in this weather because I feel my lungs hurt from the cold!

Monday nights we have class as well! I can honestly say that I was so tired that I was so restless and I can’t play my game of tetris. To those who do not know me, I play game like tetris to keep me awake in church or even in class because I need to be active. If not, Yes I doodle. So yes, I was falling asleep and then we had to pray for a strategy for fundraising. I am so blessed to have my funds covered and God has been telling me to bless others, which I have. Yet I felt like hey! I should help raise funds for others too! So I was half hoping not to fall asleep, half praying and God popped FRIED TOM YUM CHICKEN. Erm God, I am not hungry and I have never deep fried any food! So I asked the other Singaporean boy if he would like to partner with me. WOW. God speaks to me even when I am dozing off and through food. The Singaporean boy said when he was praying, he saw someone cooking! Game on, God.

Anyway, this week is on Evangelism. Everybody you meet is a testimony of evangelism! (:


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