Band – Drum

God really knows how to put me in situations which I feel absolutely uncomfortable with. So there have been some issues in my room and I hate confrontations. Yet I believe that if I have to live with that same person for 5 more months, I need to build relations instead of crashing it down by building walls. It was not easy. If possible, I would sweep the problems under the carpet and just be indifferent towards her. I said things in love, things that I knew I had to lay it down and communicate my emotions. I am not sure how receptive she was, but it sure felt horrible to be talking to a defensive wall and nothing is going through.

I don’t use age to overpower anybody. If anything, even my youths think I am silly but only when I need to speak into their lives that I share my experiences with them. Yet, she felt I was saying she is immature. So, it is hard.

God is teaching me to love despite it all. Despite her loudness, despite her individualism, despite her cleanliness or even the way she carries herself, love. God, it is not easy. I want to journey with her for the next few months, especially during outreach. Please guide my heart or change my perspective and also, work in her that she understands where I am coming from.


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