Intercession – Manila

Thursdays are intercession days for Manila!

It was SO GOOD! I doubt so much that God speaks to me, maybe because I expected God to SPEAK to me in an audible voice. Yet, He speaks in such a special way that I am thankful for. I think a lot, so these days, I feel less afraid to voice out my random thoughts because it somehow links with what God says to the rest.

We gathered to pray for Manila. I had a scene of potpot and my little halimaws at the river pointing to the ducks leaving the river, and also the scene of the city in dark light, something like a batman movie.

So I just said my random thought. We got back together to piece together what God has been speaking and WOW! It was something like water, ripple effect, children and light. As one person was praying, I had a CLEAR vision of a plant on the ledge, and a black dot moving into VERY WHITE with some writings which I couldn’t see. It was AMAZING.

Yet Ronda the girl of unbelief still does not believe that God speaks to her. AIYO.

Intercession - How God spoke to you this week


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