“I am Ronda from Singapore.”

I have never felt so proud of my little red dot and have never had the need to give geography lesson on where Singapore is, our national language and emphasize that we are not part of China. I have never felt so proud to be Asian, or see a Chinese lady in the toilet and speak to her in Mandarin. Back home, my Chinese could barely make a pass but it just brings me great joy to converse in Chinese and to tell the Chinese people I meet that I really would love a session of fellowship over hotpot. I mean… its perfect weather for hotpot and I could do it ALL DAY. Side note, I met another Singaporean lady who is of the same age! YAY Community YAY Singlish!

Today, we had Monday worship and what the others who had gone through YWAM said that it is THE best day ever just because it is an hour long of just praise and worship. I agreed completely! We had a great time of dancing, even dabbing and just singing praise to the God who deserves ALL our praises. I loved it.

I am excited for class to start. I just saw my schedule and what I will be studying and wowwwwwww! I am thrilled to see God move in this place and even transform me. God, permission is all Yours! It is kinda scary/heart jiggly cos the cover of our Priceless DTS is a picture of skulls and the passage that we got was on Ezekiel’s dry bones! I can’t really remember if I wrote this down in my journal but it was exactly the thought that I asked God one random day – “why am I thinking of dry bones on this random day?”  and I feel that now He, in His perfect timing, is showing this to me!

Please continue to pray for my horrible cough, and also for the week ahead for teachable heart and mind and good rest (:


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