Holy Week

Holy Monday 2017 – Remember last year’s sharing on my dream vision? To recap on 22 March 2016’s post:

I went to work that day feeling very excited to see what God will be doing in my life. I recalled my dream: I dreamt that I had a month + while transiting in phases of life and was in the mission field. First scene was in The Philippines, playing with the children and speaking fluent Tagalog. Second scene was in Perth near the Blue boat shed with some hearing impaired friends, signing Auslan.

I was very puzzled. I know I have been long with my current workplace, I know I always have a heart for missions but why so random? I don’t speak Tagalog except simple phrases and Singapore’s sign language uses SEE, is very different from Auslan.

Today, I received an email from YWAM Perth (Priceless) and it mentioned “At this time, all teams will be heading to Manila”

The moment I read that email, I went “GOD, IS THAT YOU? IS THIS THE DREAM THAT YOU GAVE ME? TO BE GOING TO BOTH PHILIPPINES AND PERTH AUSTRALIA?” and then I recalled it was A YEAR AGO (not in terms of dates) on HOLY WEEK that God planted this in me. It was only through my faithful obedience to say YES to PERTH that in His perthfect plan, He reveals the second part of His plan for me! Oh my Lord, You really LOVE to jiggle my heart!!! ❤

Last Holy Week was filled with questions: Why does God want to redeem me? Why does He see me as worthy? Am I even qualified to be redeemed?

This Holy Week was filled with thanksgiving: to give thanks to God for all that He has carried me through and holding on to the assurance that His plans are made to prosper and I can hold on to Jesus to walk towards the light. This year, God spoke to me very differently. It was a “choose God or choose world” kind of conversation that happened even before Holy Week. These words: SET APART became louder each day even as I go to work and hang out with my crew. There is no way I am able to turn back from Christ. I mean I can… and be a Jonah, stuck in the big fish and have sashimi all day. Sure. But I think right now, He bought me with a price and saw me as worthy, saw me as love when I saw myself as rubbish and saw myself worthless. I am NOTHING without Jesus and when I say NOTHNG, I don’t say it in a cliché manner. I really mean NOTHING – KOSONG – WAN DAN.

So, thank You Jesus for paying the price on Calvary for this rugged doll. ❤


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