DiG – Leviticus 1, Psalm 1

Personally, I find it very hard to relate to the Old Testament and have been avoiding the passages during DiG. This month, I will try to conquer Leviticus! The book of deeper unfolding of God-human relationship: how to deal with sin and impurity so that the Lord can dwell in the people.

Leviticus 1

Read v3 “If the offering is a burnt offering from the herd, you are to offer a male without defect. You must present it at the entrance to the tent of meeting so that it will be acceptable to the Lord.”

Observe: Key phrases that I took away from this passage: “Without defect” “Tent of meeting” “acceptable to the Lord

The tent of meeting is a holy place where the Lord would meet His people. To present your offering that is without blemish would be to come faultless and pure before God, before entering His holy place. To present your offering would be an act on your part, to place it before God. God did not say He would take it from His people, but His people would have to present their offerings. The other parts of the chapter mentioned “It is a burnt offering, a food offering, an aroma pleasing to the Lord.” A relationship with God is not a one sided relationship but a tango. It is effort on mankind to present their offering to God and I felt it was to give God our heart, our sins and whatever we present; it will be pleasing to The Lord because He wants our hearts.

Application: Be mindful to present my heart to the Lord, daily.

Psalm 1

Observe: The Christian journey is not an easy path to take. You count the cost, you pay the price. Many people just want the blessings of The Lord without paying the price of righteousness. God already said that if you were to walk in righteousness, you have the delight in the Law and meditate it day and night. It is so important to have the Word implanted in us and that’s why God wants His word to be meditated day and night. Satan steal kills and destroy and if a person does not fill his mind with God’s word, Satan may come in any time.

V3: It is such a serene scene to picture, a scene that I visualize whenever I am meditating or when I am going through unrest. Peace that transcends all understanding is given to those who walk in righteousness. To be a tree means you have roots and to be planted by the water is so delightful because you will always be filled with the Living Water. I have never grown up in Sunday school but I know the song “be like a tree” and the chorus “The deeper the roots grow, the better the fruits grow the blessings bloom out for all to see”

Application: Psalm 1 always gives me the peace, the strength to carry on in my Christian walk. Though it may be tiring and at times jading, God has assured that our leaf will not wither and all that we do, He prospers. It also calms me down whenever I am angry with a non-believer that God will be my defence in times of need because He knows the way of the righteous. In such times, all I have to do is to tell myself to swallow my pride and surrender my disagreements to the Lord.

Do: Let God fight battles for me instead of trying to defend myself when I know I will not be able to win the worldly war.


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