I felt the lyric of this song has been speaking to me this season: “Take courage my heart, Stay steadfast my soul, He’s in the waiting”.

Even today, I was sharing about my struggle at work. I know very well that this is a battle I will fight with The Lord, for Him to teach me humility and to find joy through the unhappiness. It is a fight not physical, it is a war not in this world and I know very well who is on my side. Even through my last 34 days of work, I will need to be faithful in all that I do and I tell myself this – I am accountable to no one but God.

I have been pretty drained these days and the point on “in the world but not of the world” I feel so strongly for it this season, especially when I tell others that I am not leaving my job for a better prospect but to serve the Lord. What is that to them? A joke. Today, my chefs found out that I am leaving and one crossed physical boundaries to hug me. I almost cried. One wanted to offer me coffee chicken, which I would gladly eat if I am not fasting.

So take courage, my heart. This last journey in this workplace will not be an easy route to take. You know what it feels like? It seems to feel like the road to Calvary. To carry my cross, to be mocked and scorned but the end goal, is eternal life & for me, to be doing what God has intended me to do – to serve Him in His ministry.


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