DiG – John 17

Read v11: I will remain in the world no longer, but they are still in the world, and I am coming to you. Holy Father, protect them by the power of your name, the name you gave me, so that they may be one as we are one.
Observe: “the power of your name” – We pray “In Jesus name” and realize that there is so much magnitude in the Name. I personally get offended when people use god’s name in vain like ‘ohmygod’ or ‘hell, Jesus!’ It may be a slang in some countries and may be cool to some people for using these phrases but to me, I feel it is using God’s name in vain, especially when there is power in the Name.
Being one with Christ – the unity that is formed between men and God, to say you are united with someone, really shows a level of intimacy. I believe that if there is unity between someone, you need to know that person’s way of life, mind and even behaviour. To be intimate with Jesus then would be to know Jesus by reading scripture and connecting in prayer. I feel that people say they want to know God but there is no effort taken on their end to spend time with Jesus, to sit at His feet. The latest Korean drama I am currently watching had this scene whereby the lead actor said to the lead actress “it is easy to change the status from friends to lovers. One person just needs to take that step closer” as much as my heart melted when the handsome lead actor say that part, I see it in my spiritual life. In order to change status from acquaintance to best friends and daughter with the Lord, I will need to take that step closer.
Application: Continue DiG faithfully. I think this has been a very good discipline in getting me to seek deeper into what God has to say in this season of my life. There are days when I tell myself I need to study and chuck my time with God aside and so this is an important discipline to get my ‘engine’ tuned towards setting aside time and energy to be refreshed by the Word.

Read v15: My prayer is not that you take them out of the world but that you protect them from the evil one
Observe: What was Jesus’ heart when He prayed this prayer? What was His intent? There are days when I struggle with earthly hardship and wonder why God has placed me in such situations. I wonder if God is in heaven mocking me when I struggle with my circumstance or is He even around to hear my cries. Today, this verse spoke very loudly to me. When Jesus prayed for God to not take us out of the world but to protect us from the evil one, His heart and mind were all for our good! We may want to be taken out in the midst of our hardship… like a sudden rapture. Yet Jesus wants us to be in the world with those hardships, just like He did when He was human. It is with these circumstances of hardship that our character is moulded and we grow to rely on God for strength. Maybe also God wants us to glorify Him through the testimonies we may share to non-believers. His heart has always been with His people especially when He said PROTECT them from the evil one. The satan who is always ready to steal kill and destroy is the satan who tempted Jesus on the mountains. And therefore in the subsequent verse 17, He said to “sanctify them in the truth: Your word is truth”. What a bold statement to make with so much confidence.
Application: Whenever I go through hardship, I may whine about it and struggle to get out of it but if Jesus prayed for me to be protected from the evil one, I need to trust that I can count on Him to carry me through it all.


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