Today is the 17th day into lent with Daniel fast on alternate weeks and social media throughout the whole season.

Honestly, I think I am doing quite well with the social media fast, in fact I am pretty pleased to have my life quite private, though there are really ‘insta-worthy’ moments that social media queen cringed in hope to be snapping them. I have people coming to me and wonder how come I have not been active on Social Media (it has only been 17 days, now I know how active I am on Instagram!). I also have people telling me they will insta story a movie, in hope to ruin the movie for me, and there I am smiling to myself that I HAVE DELETED MY INSTAGRAM!

Daniel fast, however, has been really tough! Vegetable and fruits and really bland food every day in a week, really made me rely on God a lot more! It is especially so when the craving for a bar of kitkat gets stronger, or stress days make me want to have a packet of Ribena for a cheer up booster, or a cup of iced kopi-C for a long night of class. Yet, I read an article that really helped me through those days. A paragraph of it said “every hunger pang, or caffeine craving is a prompt for you to PRAY, TRUST & SURRENDER”. Times like those, it got me to lean on God even more, relying on His strength and His grace to carry me through. Even when I don’t feel like it, He is stronger and He is with me even through the hunger pangs and chocolate and caffeine cravings.


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