Days have been madness, I even went to the toilet to sob because I was so overwhelmed at work ):

One thing to rejoice: I have booked my flight ticket, leaving for YWAM Perth on 26 June (Monday – Public Holiday!!!!) so yayyyy friends and family can send me off in blessings that day!

The other thing that has been on my mind, getting me all worried is my church application for blessing and support… I know God comes on time and this is where He is sending me to and so I will trust that He will lead and provide… that’s head knowledge. Heart is still worried tho… #sillyhuman I have quite a long way more for my support and asking friends to support me makes me feel gross. Like I hope the Holy Spirit will whisper to them… that’s what I would like to home… #sillyhuman

meow! I really want a long hug ):


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