Dear God,

5 more months till I leave for YWAM Perth. You have brought me so far and I have seen Your faithfulness in my life for the past years/months. One thing that has been my burden is my dad’s health. It is Chinese New Year and we are supposed to do Lo Hei but he is unwell again. What breaks my heart is that I be going overseas soon and my old man may have his unwell moments.

Dear God, could you please wrap Him in Your love and watch over him? He needs You and You alone in times like these.

I haven’t been typing on this blog for pretty long. I have done up my report, sent for my mentor to vet and ready to be sent for church’s application approval. I feel it is a very late submission, some how I feel like rushing things up but another part of me has this sensing that it is never too late, never too early because God comes on time. People have been blessing me in many areas and I will be blogging on my past experiences (so stay tuned! this cny break is a good time for me to backtrack!)

For now, please pray for my family, especially for my dad’s health. Thank you (:


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