05 November 2016: Twenty-Five

I am blessed beyond words by how the people around me have loved me through the very things I love – white photos and Hydrangeas, Liverpool and Japanese food. Thank you everybody for spending time with me to celebrate my born day, for rejoicing that the Lord had made a UNIQUE child. Hehe(:
Surprises came through lemon tart delivery, flowers deliveries and even donation through a random stranger. So I am still raising funds for DTS and it has been rather slow. I was doing my work the night before my birthday and a friend messaged that her friend would like to know more of the ministry. WOW. So I shared and whether or not I get their fundings, it didn’t matter to me because it is a joy to share God’s testimony! So I did and BAM! He donated to my account JUST LIKE THAT.
Days later, friends wished me happy belated and told me they felt led to donate to me as well. Haiyo God, thank you for Your assurance of providence. #heartjiggles

12 November 2016

I’ve been busy with school assignments and work load anddddd the planning and coordination of the upcoming mission trip.
I have been angsty and controlling my frustration with the way planning and coordinating has been. Thank God for people I can rant to and for being there for me in comforting assurance. So yeah basically I have been emotionally quite off with fatigue and frustration so I pray that these emotions don’t snowball during the trip & that God will deal with me in humility.
Today I have been able to sleep in, able to eat home cooked food and be able to finally study 2 chapters! Yay!

Another highlight was that I caught up with a dear brother, EC and shared deeply on how God’s faithfulness. It didn’t really bother me (sorry) that I was almost late for service and I was serving that day because of the uplifting conversations. It has been long since conversation like such and for me to recount the many goodness of God and how He has called me to ministry (:
People saw that unspeakable joy I had when I stood on stage and worshiped God through sign. Many came up to me and commended on that and really, it isn’t my joy because I have been angsty or I have been tired but really all glory to the One who is faithful and who empowers me (:
I am looking forward yet worried for the upcoming trip with its group dynamics. I know I will have to be a functional extrovert and put myself OUT there to interact and be the bubbly one with the Cambodians. I know also that I will be very drained so dear God, please grant me rest and strength and no meltdowns please! ❤


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