I am very thankful for the trippers thus far, for their support and their willingness to take on roles. A dear friend/leader told me this: “Learn to delegate stuff la. If you have to lead, you need to delegate. Don’t take on everything by yourself. Seriously. Because if you do, once you toh, everyone will toh also. Leading a team means entrusting work to them. To put it plainly, learn to shoot arrows” yet I feel very paiseh for shooting arrows. I am very sorry if the arrow gets a bit sharper each time. As the only interpreter + team leader this trip, the stress is real man. There are 10 000 things on my mind everyday and the force to make sure I know my signs, both cambodian and SEE, to ensure that everything is in top form. Adding on to my woes is an inflamed bunion. My doctor :O when I told him I’d be playing soccer. GGXX

Prayer request:

  • Good health and safety for all trippers
  • Good weather for our trip = no rain but not too hot
  • Unity in the team and smooth flow in program
  • Feet wont be affected by bunion
  • Hands can sign + Cambodian Sign Language + I am very bad at reading signs so… Reading signs + be expressive and creative to gesture

Hi God, please be your servant’s guide and pillar of strength. TQVM ❤



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