Divine Opportunity

Highlight of the week: The opportunity to pray aloud for my grandmother.

To most that are brought up in Christian families, this may seem like a normal thing to do, praying with your family. For me, growing up in a non-christian/negative background has always been a fight. I fight to go to church, I fight to work in church, I fight even to go to grandmother’s house more often for dinner, just because she is my only living grandmother and the only one I bother to respect. It doesn’t help that I have a big family, it doesn’t help that there is a generation of grudges that are still borne. I thank God that I am able to listen to dialect, speak with my minimal and bring some smile to my grandmother’s face at least twice a year when I see her.

Grandmother is now in the hospital so pray with me for speedy recovery and a healthy dowager to rule over my 8 kings and 1 queen. Over lunch, I went down to visit grandmother. I don’t really want to know if I would get objections for visiting especially since my immune system is weak or anything negative. I just didn’t want to miss any opportunities and these politics are so tiring, I really wonder how some keep up with these grudges. Anyway back to my highlight… I was shot a very sharp arrow by my uncle to pray for my grandmother. My heart was indeed strangely warm. I was unsure if ah ma would understand if I pray in English, I was unsure if God can do the translation to Teochew but I guess since He is the God who created languages, He would speak to ah ma in her own special language. I was heartened that she did not reject my prayer or open her eyes in disapproval. All she did was close her eyes and receive the Holy Spirit in her life. I rejoice greatly in that. Thank you Abba, I pray that in Your time, You bring ah ma close to you. In Your time, You make ALL things new and in Your time, You meet ah ma face to face. But Hey! Please let her see me get married (as much as I say I wanna be a nun in front of her, being a ni gu really ain’t my thing manxz) and see ting ting jiejie bear her great grand children. Aigooooo!!! My heart is jiggling.

This just overwrites all that God has spoken to me about this entire week. From trusting that only God is good at being God, to reminding me of that heart surgery that He wanted to do to me months before. All these “Hi God” moments, I surrender to You. Hi God, please do Your work in me and the people I treasure dearly.


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