During my July mission trip, I shared with my trippers about the stirring to join DTS and there was this girl who said she felt a nudge to join likewise. So on Friday she messaged saying that she is considering the October intake and I shared with her my struggles thus far with the support from church/my own difficulties.

Just when I typed “God sent me and so I am sure He will provide”, a dear girl sent me a text: “Hallo Ronda haha I met M today and mentioned you because you’re going on a DTS soon (in time to come!) hehe and I’m sort of having quiet time outside now and somehow my mind wondered back to you and I really felt that you’re gonna be such a powerful vessel in the field. Prayer warrior. Seriously I’m getting the Holy Spirit tingly feelings so I just felt like telling you. You’re gonna shake places and be used to transform lives and break chains in Jesus name. Hehe”

I died. I ran to the toilet cubicle and cried when she said “God rly loves you la” I cannot deal with this. God really loves me that even when I struggle with trusting Him with finances, He brings 1 person a day to pledge. It isn’t 10 a day, it’s really 1 step at a time. Just like what I wanted God to do for his renovation work in me, 1 tile at a time. He is SO FAITHFUL and I am this little creature of little faith that He has to slap me in constantly trusting in His goodness. God, I really cannot do this without you and without Your strength!!

Thursday night missions briefing for myself, I already wanted to breakdown. I can’t believe I said yes to lead a team to Cambodia. When S asked me what ministry my heart beats for, it is the hearing impaired ministry and I don’t know why God is showing me the enslaved. Further through our meeting when S shared on the deaf in Cambodia, my ear twitched when she mentioned Deaf who were sold into prostitution. She said “whether deaf or hearing, they will still be sent to prostitution.” And at that point, my heart died.

God, please continue to reveal Your heart to me. I am supposed to ask you for my 3 year long term plan and my funding for the next 3 years, what are you saying thus far?


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