02 October 2016

My mind was in a mess. 1 hour of talking to the head of missions and another hour running to my mentor’s room, crying my eyes out. After which every single spark can cause tears to be triggered. Spark such as “this is the only beginning of the trials you may face there will be even more to come”

Yet it affirms more strongly that my relationship with God is very important and that is when I hear Him speak the loudest.

03 October 2016

My fundraiser is finally out, after so many months of procrastination because the thought of receiving money from others really makes me feel weird. I have never imagined myself to be fundraising for a trip like this and I have never imagined the huge amount of commitment and cost it takes to go on this faith journey. It is really crazy.

I trust that if God has sent me, He will surely cover all my needs – emotional, spiritual, physical and even monetary. YET, I struggle to fully surrender on that. Damn, woman of little faith.

 04 October 2016

It is a privilege to be able to sit down at a coffee shop, read my bible and do devotions on a weekday. It is even more a privilege to be on a date with the greatest Man ever. This gentleman has paved the way for me and is by my side even through my mountain and valley experiences.

Thank you, love. ❤

Quiz of the day: How many of the word “The World” can you find in John 17?

Devotions taken from John 17:26 made my heart fuzzy and warm. If God’s pleasure in the Son becomes our pleasure, then the object of our pleasure, Jesus, will be inexhaustible in personal worth and He will NEVER become boring/disappointing/frustrating. And if He never becomes boring, disappointing, frustrating, when you feel all those, is it not the devil who is planting those thoughts into you to destroy your relationship with Abba Father?


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