I love it when I get to dream & remember my dream. I woke up this morning with the memory of my dream still so fresh in my mind.

*contents may be disturbing*

[I dreamed that I was in Malaysia (or rather, that scene seemed familiar), having dinner with my friends blah blah, we were called to leave and then we were all arrested. In the prison, I had to pee very urgently. I told the lady prison warden that I was having my period and she just shrugged. I had to pee openly, with other prisoners around and it was not into a hole, it was on the concrete floor. Thankfully in my dream, I was wearing a dress. The other prisoners looked at me while I try to pee. I would think it is rather difficult to pee with people staring at you haha! So I closed my eyes and told myself I have to pee and also because I did no wrong and Christ is enough.

I went to find the prison warden to be brought to my cell. I still have no idea why I was arrested. She asked me how my experience was, peeing in the open, and so I shared with her that all I had to do was turn my eyes to Jesus and everything else went dim.

I requested that I have my bible with me in the cell. I hid at a corner (yea I really find security and comfort in corners and walls) and read my bible. I felt like Paul and the verse that was repeated throughout the dream was ‘my grace is sufficient for you’ – Christ is enough. And then the next scene in my dream that it was all a set up to test my faith. ]

As random as it is, I really love it when God speaks to me through dreams, to remind me of His sovereignty. *heart jiggles* and as I shared that dream with E, she said her church sang “Christ is enough” during service! (o:


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