It felt as though the stitches of my heart surgery came off and my heart was in pain again. The last time I found myself in the corner of my room crying was in March this year and it has been 5 months since.

This time, I remember that I am on this train ride and the train will only go faster and faster. I also remember His faithfulness in bringing me out of my own pit, I cannot allow myself to fall back into it.

It is even more painful when you step out of comfort zone into the unknown.

whats more a person who had become your comfort zone 

I love what nurse E said: touching the stitches on your heart will only cause infection. wait till your hands are clean then when you touch it’d already be a solid scar that will never bleed again (:

I’m pretty good at chasing people out of my life and I really think those who stick with me through my difficult days are heroes. ❤


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