28 July 2016

Bridesmaid dress wasn’t very fitting and so I had to meet tings. It was meant to be a ‘pass and go’ act since she was meeting Ps BL for wedding prep. Ps BL said “since you want to talk to me on Sat, why not now?” Since JC was late, I sat down and told Pastor BL that I said YES to God and I am going DTS next July!

We saw it as divine appointment as Ps BL was meeting PS – head of missions, after the wedding prep & what shocked me further was that the meeting with PS was a last minute decision!

Okay it may not be like the coolest divine appointment but it was to me and so I need to write it down.

29 July 2016

This whole week has been crazy. People have been treating me good food and blessing me with things, including warm hugs. Thank you everybody, I am really surviving well with my $2.50 cai fan HAHA.

So I decided that since I am meeting DY for lunch at my premise, I will give him a treat. 1- to pay it forward, all the blessings I had received 2- to thank him for the amazing photos that were taken during the mission trip (seriously was it mission trip or photoshoot? Hahahahaha!)

Yet I felt that that entire one hour lunch break blessed me even more than I could bless him. He whipped out an ESV Study Bible that I have always wanted and my heart melted. The moment I opened the bible, the first thing I did – as with new books – was to smell the glorious brown leather and new paper. (I really thank God for my nose like thank You that I get to smell new books and popo oil and many other things that make me happy except glue) #GDLL (sorry American, GDLL means gan dong liu lei – in direct translation, so touched till I cry *inserts Singaporean accent*) 

The long day had ended and I was on the bus home. An image flashed and I pictured myself at the airport with my friends and family. I saw myself with the different groups of friends who were there to send me off. I heard their laughter, their whines, and their nags for me to take care of my frail body and to stay safe. We exchanged hugs and that entourage cuddled around me to pray for me, including my parents (in faith, they will bless me when the time comes). When it was time for me to enter gates, I pictured myself crying as I did on the bus home.

I have never travelled alone, not as independent as I hope to be, my sense of direction is one of the shittiest and I was scared. I cried because of that fear and also because it felt so surreal. God called and I really responded. The phrase ‘faith without action is dead’ popped up in my mind. I am really walking on water with Him and this train ride (1st post) with Jesus is moving faster than I expected! Dear God, my request is that I get the window seat and I won’t have to pee so often on the plane HAHAHA!

God knows I will be so overwhelmed by emotions and thus the 1 year preparation. wooohooo! #suchagentleman

30th July 2016

The phrase “who am I” repeated twice, both in sermon (taken from 2 Samuel 7:18-22) and in cell (the song who am I by Casting Crowns)

  • Promise: It is not what you want to do for God but what God wants to do in your life. It is His promises of faithfulness that gives you the power to fulfil your promises to Him
  • Posture: The promise of Jesus to save us and God’s faithfulness will lead us to a posture of wonder and humility
  • Privilege: It is a privilege to be adopted by God to be called children of the Most High

This phrase I have asked myself countless of times – Who am I that You have redeemed me? Who am I that You have called me to do Your work? Who am I?
What an honour to serve this King, what an honour to be handpicked by Him.

31st July 2016

Devo today was on ‘Becoming entirely His” and the scripture reading from James 1:4 “let patience have its perfect work that you may be perfect and complete, lacking nothing”

I opened my bible app and this verse of the day popped up “The Lord is not slow in keeping his promise, as some understand slowness. Instead he is patient with you, not wanting anyone to perish, but everyone to come to repentance.” 2 Peter 3:9

My instant reaction: “OMO!

God really loves me and in His perfect timing He will really bring His promises to pass! I remember negotiating with God that if He wants to renovate this house of mine, He needs to take one tile at a time because I won’t be able to deal with a 2 weeks renovation project. Hi God, is this why I we are at the 11th month? Also, thank You for being so patient with me to let me wrestle with each tile. You really are a good good Father!!!!!!! *heart jiggles*

Mahal na mahal kita Panginoo

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