There’s something about trains that I want to learn about. I came to this random realization that there were many occasions in my life that involved train.

1-Train track photoshoot

if you know me, I like to take photos. I rather be in front of the camera than behind the camera. So there was this day that this photographer and I went out and it was after an awkward silence of not talking for months. Was this over the ushering ministry? I can’t remember but yeahh.

2- Vietnam overnight train ride

I went with a couple of friends to Vietnam some years back. We were backpacking and so we took an overnight train from one city to another. It was on Christmas eve. I boarded the train with the urgent need to pee and headed down to the toilet. The toilet stank of ammonia and surrounding the toilet bowl was a pool of pee. (Apparently people just don’t know how to pee properly) So with much effort, I got out of the toilet and swore to myself never to pee throughout the train ride.

Back in the cabin, the 2 guys were helping to clean the bunks for the girls while we distract ourselves by playing games. Then, a cockroach ran past us and the guys were trying to distract me from the sight of it (awww). Alas, 12am – Christmas day. J had prepared gifts for us and we prayed.  Her prayer went something like if we are called to be missionaries living in such conditions that we will still say yes and will be obedient to His call. I CRIED… GOD, COCKROACHES ARE NOT MY FRIENDS. BED BUGS AND SMELLY TOILETS TOO! I left that thought back in Vietnam and wow, train rides…

3- The vision E had over me on my first post

Recalling these incidences made me think if there are more to trains that I can learn from or is it just a journey that I will be going through?


Dear God, there are many distractions that are causing me to not fix my eyes on You. Did you place them there and am I suppose to embrace them or will You rid them off? While there is one part of me that sees the brokenness in these distractions and I am wondering if You want me to just be a light to the darkness or is it a passing wind that will go away in time to come?

I went to Faith on Sunday because I couldn’t wake up for Aldersgate. WOW! The flow of service is indeed fairly different from the one in Wesley or Aldersgate. Anyhow, Pastor R was preaching (: and the topic was on Radical acceptance, hospitality and generosity.

I felt a tug, God, I know what You want me to do and I said YES! Yet I feel because there is a part of me that is still in denial, that you are reminding me of this radical love. – to go on the other side.

Yesterday on Instagram – my heart skipped a beat. Is this a sign? Only God knows?

unnamed (3)


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