1- Devotions

I think it is pretty hilarious. I said YES to God yesterday and today for devotions, “There is no perfect decision”

What do you think is the biggest reason people struggle to make decisions?

Overwhelmingly, fear was the answer.

•Fear of the unknown
•Fear of failure
•Fear of getting hurt
•Fear of what others will think
•Fear of rejection
•Fear of missing out on something better
•Fear of making the wrong decision

then I was like WOW God, is it You know my fears? Is it You know that I will question myself?!?! So it was mentioned further on the analysis paralysis where you think think think till you tell yourself… NYEHHHH it is not the right decision.

There is no choice that will turn out perfectly in every way.

As long as you desire to please God with your decisions, no decision you make will be completely awful. Nor will any decision you make be completely awesome.

and I’m like WOW! God, You really know me and You know I need constant reminders!

*heart jiggled*

2- Personality

A random conversation with a friend this morning and he asked for my MBTI personality. I told him I am an INFJ and he said “I KNEW IT!”. Like I didn’t know that that such can be shown through my interactions and when he listed examples of when I was what… I was like woahhh okay quite cool.

Then my hearing impaired friend told me that from the way I do sign language, it can tell I am an introvert. LIKE WHAT?! why is everybody telling me that today ah? So in the deaf culture, small signs expresses introverts and larger signs expresses extroverts.

Which after awhile I really think its true. Introverts isn’t just about high and crazy. It’s that we need to recover with our personal space. #selfawareness

3- Cambodia mission trip training

It really feels so good to be with like-minded people after an entire day at work. So… a random couple visited us at training: Australian missionaries. Husband is hearing, wife is deaf. So if they are Australian and deaf, what do they sign? AUSLAN!

Link – Holy Tuesday’s dream (on the first post)

I stood there, trying to absorb as much Auslan as I could from the conversations. WOW! God, I want to know more! I want to be sensitive to what You have.

4- Workers

Randomly, I was talking to a friend who works frequently with social escorts. Many judge them for what they do, some pity them and at the end of it all, they walk away back into their black hole.

It took me awhile to respond that my heart aches for them and that friend replied that they are nice people but merely materialistic. With frequent interactions, a numb heart formed against them. That friend mentioned that I am probably innocent.

Is this innocence?

My heart wasn’t aching because maybe they were sold into it, maybe they have a reason for it… my heart was aching because they don’t know what they are worth and they don’t know that they have a higher calling in life.

“Break my heart for what breaks Yours” and I really felt the aching of this heart is the aching of God’s heart. Yes, they may be materialistic but the thought that goes through their head and that’s destroying their lives is what I was sad about. If my friend can say that they are nice people, what more does God think of them?

Is this conversation really that random? Link – Priceless.

*heart, please maintain*


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